Injustice by Grammo Suspect ft Poyzone-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya ( EMBRACE DIVERSITY)


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~This is a spoken word poetry,that speak about the real life stories,of 3 members of the lgbti community in Kenya, that has gone through hell,for their sexuality.

When Obama visited Kenya, and asked our Kenyan president about homosexuality in this country, Uhuru Kenyatta declared it a non issue.

I therefore initiated a campaign titled #HomosexualityIsNotAnoneIssueInKenya

I managed to speak to 20 members of the lgbt community.

And over 50% among them,had been harassed sexually. Some of them contracted HIV during the encounter.

Also,a number had been fired from their jobs after their sexual identity had been revealed.

Some has been left homeless ever since they were sent packing by their parents/guardian.

All after their secret was out.

The purpose of this campaign was to try and show Kenyans and especially the president that homosexuality is a very big issue in Kenya.

Or should i say #homophobia ?

And just because the people are not speaking out ,doesn’t mean all is well.

My community is suffering day in day out…

Being gay ,lesbian,bisexual or transgender is not a choice .

Nobody would want to choose a life of agony..Coz that’s how it is with the most of us.

Because we are living in the country that does not support equality of all human being. Some laws must change.




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